Magazines are writing about New Ware

German Magazines:

Modell Fan 2002/06: Sojus (German language)

Modell Fan 2002/07: Neues für die Freunde der Raumfahrt (German language)

Modell Fan 2006/08: Die Mercury - Raketen (German language)

Modell Fan 2006/11: Sojus Landung (German language)

US Magazines:

FineScale Modeler 2002/11: Yuri Gagarin's Vostok from New Ware

FineScale Modeler 2006/04: A Giant Leap article

IPMS/USA journal july + august 2013: Titan II GLV - Gemini Launch Vehicle (pdf format)

Www pages:

IPMS Stockholm "Modeller's guide to Thor Able Star and Delta" article

IPMS Stockholm "Modeling the Thor Able Star" article

Aircraft Resource Center "1/48 Gagarin's Vostok 1 from NewWare" article

Vincent Meens's Space Model Web Page: Soyuz 4 - Soyuz 5 article

Aircraft Resource Center "1/48 Lunar Module cutaway" article by Peter Malaguti