NW142 1/144

Saturn V - Apollo 4 conversion and detail set


As the first of a planned series of "A" missions to man rate the Saturn V launch vehicle, Apollo 4 (AS-501) was to be an ambitious "all up" test in which all three stages were "live". The payload was a lunar module test article and CSM-017, a Block I Apollo spacecraft. Apollo 4 lifted off from Pad A of Launch Complex 39 at the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday , 9 November 1967, and the Command Module was recovered some 8.5 hours later.

Comparison of SaturnV with Apollo Block I and Saturn V Apollo Block II (right side). The NW142 conversion and detail set contains whole upper portion of the rocket (grey color), so you can use ANY Airfix Saturn V kit including the older one with completely incorrect Apollo spacecraft (imcorrect Service Module surface, diameter of the spacecraft is about 3 mm smaller). Another difference is 8 S-II ulage rockets (grey color)

The main difference between Apollo Block I and Block II is completely different surface of Service module and different Apollo Boost Protective Cover (a cap over the Command Module).