What is wrong about your old 1/144 Airfix Saturn IB kit?

The old (original) Airfix kit had wrong diameter (cca 23 mm) of Apollo spacecraft, some 4 mm were missing. The Service Module of the spacecraft had also details corresponding to the Block I spacecraft (Apollo 1 only), which never flew into space. In 2010 Airfix made new molds for the cone under the spacecraft and spacecraft itself (cca 27 mm), so the kit no A06172 in red box has both correct Apollo diameter and Block II surface (all Apollo orbital flights). The old kit has no 06172 was packed in white box only, as far as I know.
Use your old Airfix kits for building SA-203, SA-204 and Apollo 1 launch vehicles moddels. The new Airfix kit may be used for building both SA-203 and SA-204 launch vehicles models as well.