NW092 1/144 R-7 Vostok

Vostok 1 Launch Vehicle

12.4.1961 First Manned Spaceflight of Yuri Gagarin


The world's first ICBM became the most often used and most reliable launch vehicle in history. The original core+four strap-on booster missile had a small third stage added to produce the Vostok launch vehicle, with a payload of 5 metric tons.
On April 12th, 1961, 06:07 GMT Yuri Gagarin was launched aboard Vostok 1 spacecraft to his historic first manned spaceflight. The flight was automated; Gagarin's controls were locked to prevent him from taking control of the ship. After retrofire, the service module remained attached to the Sharik reentry sphere by a wire bundle. The joined craft went through wild gyrations at the beginning of re-entry, before the wires burned through. The Sharik, as it was designed to do, then naturally reached aerodynamic equilibrium with the heat shield positioned correctly. Gagarin ejected after re-entry and descended under his own parachute, as was planned. However for many years the Soviet Union denied this, because the flight would not have been recognized for various FAI world records unless the pilot had accompanied his craft to a landing. Recovered April 12, 1961 8:05 GMT.