NW090 1/144 R-7 Sputnik 1 LV

detail and correction set


The set may be used with any R-7 kit originaly created by Apex company. During past almost 20 years the mold is traveling from one to another company, so it was already manufactured by Apex, AER Moldova, Maquette and today by Eastern Express. Any of kits based on this R-7 mold may be used: Sputnik, Vostok, Soyuz TM or SS-6 Sapwood. This set is first one of New Ware's new line of detail and correction sets for 1/144 R-7, planned are at present time Vostok, Luna, Sputnik 2, Sputnik 3, some spy and interceptor satellites LVs, later also Voskhod, Molniya, Soyuz...

For the first time scribing mask for are included. These masks will help you to turn raised lines on central core stage into correct recessed ones. To see what everything is included in the set, please look into instruction sheet:

If you are ordering NW090D (NW090 with added NWD008 R-7 decals), you will get also stencils for the model:

If you have already bought NWD008 decal sheet for building the Sputnik LV model, order NW090 only. A note: NWD008 decal sheet is containing decals for one model only from range of R-7 variants.