NW078 1/144 CZ-1 (Long March 1)

First Chinesse Satellite Launch Vehicle


China began development of the CZ-1 (Long March 1) launch vehicle in the second half of 1965. First and second stages were adapted from those of the DF-3 intermediate range ballistic missile. The third stage used solid rocket motor.
On November 16th, 1969, first Chinesse satellite launch attemp ends in failure. The historic first launch of Chinesse satellite came at 9:35 p.m. on April 24th, 1970. The three stage CZ-1, which was 29.5 m tall and had a maximum diameter of 2.25 m, lifted off launch pad. Thirteen minutes after launch mission control announed "...satellite and rocket stage separation, satellite enters orbit...".
China became the fifth nation after former Soviet Union, United States, France and Japan to achieve an indigenous space launch capability.