NW068 1/48 Lunar Module detail set

(H mission, Apollo 11 - 14)

photos of finished model

EVA handrail on top of crew compartment is applied differently to instruction sheet

Doug added several more details - bench and pin shaped white details. RCS nozzles, vent hoods, VHF antenna, docking drogue and others are New Ware detail parts

Docking window, docking drogue, VHF antenna, docking target, rendezvous radar, vent hoods and others are New Ware detail parts

EVA handrail, vent hoods, front hatch and it's frame and others are New Ware detail parts

A lot of New Ware detail parts is ised for landing legs including landing pads

Landing radar and it's thermal shield, ALSEP bay and others are New Ware detail parts

Model was built by Doug Jones, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Neil Armstrong on ladder prior, a second before deploying MESA

Unussual view

On this picture New Ware docking target, docking drogue, rendezvous radar, VHF antennas, docking window, S-band antenna and other parts are clearly visible

Model Built by Stephen Nichols, Slatington, PA, USA

Model built by Cayetano Mas, Mutxamel(Alicante), Spain