NW060 1/144 Redstone Cape Canaveral Launch Stand


This launch stand was used for launching Redstone family rockets from Cape Canaveral, including such famous launches as Explorer 1 (New Ware kit NW038 1/144 Juno I) and Freedom 7 Mercury capsule 9New Ware kit NW047 1/144 Mercury Redstone). It was derived from US Army field Redstone launch stand, main difference is rotating frame right under booster's fins.

Kit is not containing launch umbilical masts, these were depending on specific variant of Redstone booster. Scratchbuilding of these masts is quite easy. It is also possible to make them in "fallen off" position - they were disconected from the rocket several seconds before launch.

Kit contains 10 resin parts and is compatible with all Redstone family New Ware kits.