NW049 1/48 Soyuz after landing photos


Models built by Andi Wuestner, Germany (author of mastermodel). Models are presenting Soyuz 29 landing (Bykovski - Jaehn, first German cosmonaut).
Models are not including cosmonaut figures, as were built before figures were finished.

Important note: Only cosmonaut figures are included in the kit

The other figures come from Preiser and are 1/50. The workers look pretty similar to the recovery team members we know from photos. One of them has a copy of the East German communist party newspaper from the day after Jaehn's launch. The headline was "First German in space - a GDR citizen". All newspapers had to use this headline. If you look closely you can see that the recovery team member has collected Jaen's and Bykovsky's autographs. The reporter was converted from a traveler. I cut the suitcase and scratch built a tape recorder + microphone. You can also find the guy who lend Jaehn his jogging shoes. Jaehn had forgotten his Sokol boots in the orbital module of Soyuz 29.