NW032 1/48 Voskhod 2 Spacecraft


Kit is including 159 parts (109 resin, 46 PE, 4 decals).Kit is including Alexei Leonov's figure (masterpart made by Ignacio Bernacer). The artwork is based on protype model only.

"I felt like a bird; with wings and able to fly." These were the sensations of Alexei Leonov as he ventured forth from Voskhod 2 on the world's first spacewalk on March 18, 1965. Although Leonov floated free of his capsule for only ten minutes, his spacewalk was a very important space first. (from forewood of our kit by Barry Davidoff).

Some detail photos of NW032 parts (common to NW014 1/48 Vostok 1 spacecraft kit):


Service module

Service module - rear part

PE parts - detail shots

Detail parts - cables, engine, tanks, umbilicals

Detail parts for service module, antenna, orientation system nozzles

Another set of detail parts for service module, antennas

Photos of some master parts for NW032 kit (please apologize for not taking photos of castings)

Airlock section (hatch in closed position, on your Voskhod model will be in opened position, as Leonov's figure is also included).

Nose part (different to Vostok spacecraft).

Photos were taken by author of master model - Andi Wuestner awuestner@henriette-decals.de