NW016 1/144 Saturn I Block 1


Note: photos were taken in dark, so not lot fine details are visible (for example on engine bells), not all parts,decals and instruction sheet were not photographed, engine bells on lower photo are not glued to base part.

Construction kit of SA-1 rocket (first rocket of Saturn family). All parts are resin (no plastic or metal tubes).

The Saturn I began life as the Juno 5, Wernher von Braun's 1957 scheme to combine the Redstone and Jupiter missiles into a gigantic heavy-lift booster. By 1959, the basic design emerged. The first stage was powered by a cluster of 8 H-1 engines (improved version of Jupiter engines). The first stage propellant tankage was a conglomeration of lenghtened Jupiter tank surrounded by a cluster of 8 lenghtened Redstone tanks. The dummy 2nd and 3rd stages simulated the S-IV and Centaur stages. Both stages carried water ballast.
The first Saturn I (SA-1) lifted off from Cape Canaveral on October 27, 1961. Another 3 (SA-2 to SA-4) Saturn I Block 1 rockets were launched during 1962 and 1963.