NK003 1/72 R-1 (SS-1A Scunner)


Construction kit of R-1 first operational soviet missile based on V-2.

The Soviets captured a number of German V-2's at the end of WWII. In 1947 they launched 11 of them from Kapustin Yar. After these experiences they developed new version of V-2 - R-1. The R-1 carried non-separating 1.1 ton warhead to a range of 270 km. The engine was redesigned from V-2's engine to RD-100. RD-100 generated 25% more thrust than the V-2's.
The first R-1 lifted off on September 17, 1948, but a control system failure sent the missile off course. A test on October 10, 1948, was succesfull. The R-1 became an operational weapon system in 1950.

The set is including Condor's 1/72 German Missile A4/V2 kit (No. 72001).