NK001 1/72 BUMPER (V-2/Wac Corporal)


Construction kit of Bumper research rocket.

Project Bumper started in 1946. Rocket was consisting of two stages - V-2 with modificated nose part and Wac Corporal. The first Bumper lifted off from White Sands on May 13, 1948. Bumper flight B-5 lifted off from White Sands on February 24, 1949. Second stage (Wac Corporal) reached altitude 244 miles (393 km) above the Earth. This altitude would not be exceeded for years. Bumper was the first two-stage liquid fuleled rocket. As the combination of a Von Braun first stage and a JPL upper stage, it foreshadowed the Juno I, which would orbit America's first satellite less than ten years later.

The set is including Condor's 1/72 German Missile A4/V2 kit (No. 72001).